Friday, February 02, 2018

The Usual Suspects

"Moonlighting," which made Bruce Willis a star and proved once and for all Cybill Shepherd was just a pretty face (ask your grandfather about it, punk!) died when the romance teased between the characters played by Bruce and Sybill was finally consummated.  If Shelley Long hadn't left "Cheers" for bigger and better things (bad choice!), they might have had to kill her off, because the romance with Sam was on again/off again almost one time too many.  Everybody likes the anticipation more than the reality.

Likewise, the Nunes memo was probably better as a scary concept than a calamitous reality.  I have no expertise in this area, but this guy does:

That, of course, won't faze Sean Hannity or Lou Dobbs of Jeanine Pirro, who apparently comprise Trump's Brain Trust, but for most of us, there is no there there.  Yes, the FBI is right to be insulted that this was released at all, or that Trump decided to release it before he'd read it (back to the Brain Trust, eh?), but is this the hill Christopher Wray wants to die on?   James Comey doesn't think so:

 I think Wray would be better off staying put and shaming Trump with this; because if this is all the GOP's got, they got nuthin'.

The memo admits the Steele dossier didn't prompt an FBI investigation,  the antics of George Papadapolous  ("Coffee boy") did; which more than explains why Trump labeled him that way.  This memo doesn't begin to turn attention away from Trump; it refocusses it.  As Charlie Pierce said the other day, the desire to get this memo out is beyond political posturing.  But once again, we've overestimated the intelligence of the monkeys running the monkey house.  Even Trey Gowdy wants to play with public ignorance about FISA and 4th Amendment law, but he can't jump into the abyss all the same:

Trump wants cover to fire Rosenstein and find the Bork who will fire Mueller.  He doesn't appear to be any closer to that goal.

UPDATE:  Yeah, it's this bad:

Redstate (ahem, Redstate!) noticed that the memo also very obviously mischaracterizes Comey’s public testimony about the Steele memo, bringing the rest of its claims into question.
Maybe I should add a picture of a garbage fire.  As I said, this reflects more on the people in charge than on government in particular.   For example:

"Trump, by accusing the leadership of having a bias against Republicans, is once again maligning people he appointed to their roles, including FBI Director Christopher Wray, a man Trump nominated after he fired former FBI Director James Comey in May."

They hit everything but the target.  Problem is, they hit people they aren't firing at.

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  1. When I found out they were hanging their hopes on Carter Page, the man who could be the stock figure for grinning, clueless idiot if he weren't also the figure for grinning, clueless, idiot traitor, I couldn't believe anyone could be stupid enough to do that.

    Then I found out that the MEMO! said that it was Papadopoulos who set it off, not the Steele memo I couldn't believe it.

    Of course, Trump being as stupid as Carter Page and Devin Nunes will probably fire people to get to Mueller anyway, being encouraged by the FOX fascists to do so. Then what? I don't know. I do know that there are at least a dozen people, including Nunes, Ryan and several other members of the Republicans in the House who should be under investigation for obstruction of justice. Won't happen but it should.