Saturday, February 03, 2018

Letting them eat cake

A secretary at a public high school in Lancaster, PA, said she was pleasantly surprised her pay went up $1.50 a week … she said [that] will more than cover her Costco membership for the year.
— Paul Ryan (@PRyan) February 3, 2018

Apparently Paul Ryan posted this message on Twitter, and then took it down.  Perhaps he finally figured out the snark, that a high school secretary needs a Costco membership just to get by, and all this "tax break" does is pay for that membership; if she can manage to save that $1.50 every week and put it aside to pay the annual fee.  She might as well have said she can finally afford a cup of coffee at Starbucks now.

$1.50 a week has a way of evaporating before it hits the ground.

Pointing and laughing must become a way of life if anything is to change.

1 comment:

  1. He is such a dirtball.

    I'm convinced he's getting paid off by billionaires.

    I'm not normally violent but he's on the list of people who, if I ever ran into him I'd have to hit him in the face.