Sunday, February 18, 2018

The President Was Up Late Last Night

Because there are only three agents in the FBI (aside from Scully and Mulder) and they all work for Mueller. Right?

Yeah, it just slipped his mind. And that makes a HUGE difference in the investigation. Right?

The guy is scared shitless:

Black man in the White House!


U.S. officials blamed North Korea, saying the attack was likely a response to the planned release of a comedy film depicting a fictional plot to assassinate the country's leader, Kim Jong Un. The administration responded — publicly at least — with only additional economic sanctions, rather than a similar cyber retaliation.

"I think that others around the world watched that and determined that cyber is a cost-free intervention," Schiff said during an interview with NBC's Andrea Mitchell at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York.

Russia's unusually brazen and "ham-handed" cyber campaign against the U.S. unfortunately coincided with a Republican candidate willing to embrace the help of an adversary, Schiff said.

"I'm certain that had John McCain or Mitt Romney been the nominee in 2016, they would have said, 'Russia, butt the hell out,'" Schiff said. "But that's not who Donald Trump was. 

"A man hears what he wants to hear, and disregards the rest."--Paul Simon

Oh, so you do know what Schiff said!

Yes, Donnie, it's still all about you.

Gee, I wonder what prompted this twitter storm?

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