Friday, February 16, 2018

Somebody needs a second helping of "thoughts and prayers"

Noticing flags around me flying at half-mast.  Given the number of shootings this year, they should have been flown at half-mast an average of twice a week every week since the first week of the year.

We are at war.   With the crazies who want to shoot people, and with the NRA and its minions and bought-and-paid for politicians.( No, not the 2nd amendment. Heller applied that to handguns for self-defense. It is far less protective of rifles. The problem is political, not Constitutional.)  Just watched "The Godfather" again, with all it's discussion of how many politicians Don Corleone has in his "pocket."  Honestly, how is the NRA any different, or any less inimical to the interests of society at large?

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