Thursday, February 15, 2018

"When are we going to see this as a national emergency?"

Geraldo Rivera upsets Sean Hannity's panel by not being the biggest idiot on the show:

“They should be at least as secure as airports,” Rivera said of America’s schools. 

Because we need to redesign all public schools so they are buildings with one entrance and one exit, and everyone enters and leaves through a metal detector, and armed guards make you take off your shoes and empty your pockets and x-ray your backpacks and that will only mean you have to get to school two hours before classes start, just like you do at the airport, and for special days when Mom & Dad are coming, they need to show up 2 hours before the event, and how could this possibly be a problem?*  And who is going to pay for that, and how much more is it going to cost, and how likely are other matters of education (textbooks, classroom supplies, teachers, teacher aides) to be cut?  Who cares?!  We sure as hell can't have gun control!

But moments later, he was going in on the “psycho punk loser with a machine gun, an AR-15, slaughtering these innocents” in Parkland, Florida, on Wednesday.

Hannity’s viewers were quick to point out on Twitter that an AR-15 is not technically a “machine gun,” but Rivera was just getting started. “It makes me sick,” he said. “How’d he get the gun? How’d he get the thousand-dollar gun? How’d he get all these magazines? Where are his parents? Where are his parents? Where was his family? Where were his friends, for goodness’ sake?”

This guy was reported to the FBI.   And his adopted parents were dead.  His adopted father had died earlier, his mother just recently.  That's where they were, asshole.  The school knew he was dangerous, that's why they suspended him.  How'd he get the gun?  He bought it?  You know, at gun stores, where they get to sell such things!  Or maybe from a private owners, because freedumb and private property and freeeeedddduuuuuummmmmmbbbbb!  Where'd he get the money?  Does it matter?

“It is just absolutely outrageous,” he continued. “Twenty-five of these school massacres since Columbine in 1999? When are we going to see that this is a national emergency?!”

Finally, a sensible question.

Then came a question that seemed to be aimed directly at President Donald Trump, who very well may have watching Hannity’s show instead of addressing the nation. “You want to spend $25 billion on a wall?” Rivera asked. “What about spending $25 billion on making our schools secure from these savages, who all they want to do is inflict blood and mayhem?”

Trump is on that.  He wants to hire thought police.  Except everybody already knew this guy was dangerous, the FBI had already investigated him for his expressed desire to be a "professional school shooter."  Maybe he shouldn't have had access to a gun, huh?  You know, like in Australia?  Or the rest of the civilized world?

And by the way, Sean, Shep Smith says "Fuck you":
Instead of acknowledging Rivera’s argument, Hannity said we need to “get away from” the “same, predictable, frankly insane, and intellectually lightweight” debates about guns and get back to the important issue plaguing America: school security.

This is where I came in.....

*I know there are school buildings like this in the East (not necessarily with the security apparatus, but with a single building design).  Most of the schools I attended, and that my daughter attended, were open campuses with many buildings.  Tearing those down and rebuilding "secure" buildings would be a massively expensive endeavor, aside from the staff required to enforce that security at every campus in a school system.

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