Thursday, February 15, 2018

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Are ya scared yet, pilgrim?

Ted Cruz wants you to be scared, and to trust that John Wayne will come along:

“We have seen that evil can occur whether in Parkland or in a church in Texas or in schools across the country,” he insisted. “I mean, there are murderers. Evil is sadly always present and we need to do what we can to act to prevent it. Sometimes you see brave heroes who are able to step forward. Sometimes you have heroes that are armed and can engage the killer and stop them and save people’s lives.”

Other lawmakers want you to accept their "thoughts and prayers" as a form of action; mostly because they want to go on accepting NRA campaign donations.

Or we should make our schools into "secure zones," just like we do our airports.  And who is going to pay for the public school equivalent of TSA?  By the way, the number of public schools (below college level) in the country?  Approximately 98,000.  The number of airports where TSA is working in the country?  200.  Yeah, we can secure our schools the way we secure our airports; with the largest government bureaucracy in American history, right?  Or we can just leave it up to the states because 2nd Amendment roolz!

So the responses are either thoughts and prayers, or terrorism ("Be afraid!  Evil people are out there!  Boogey-boogey!").  The question is, why do we keep electing this clowns?  The time may come when we don't have to:

“They’ve poll tested that: ‘Now is not the time’,” [Florida state Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D)] explained.

Look out, he's a Democrat, he's gonna go political!

“There’s never a time. But we should just be honest. Let’s just look the American people in the face, let’s go look the families in the face that I sat there for six hours until they found out their kid wasn’t missing, their kid lying dead in the school — let’s just look them in the face and let’s be honest and let’s tell them, we’re going to do nothing.”

“We’re going to talk, we’re going to spout off all sorts of different talking points from both sides of the aisle, but we’re going to do nothing,” Moskowitz continued. “Because we can’t look at this just as parents, we have to look at this through a political lens for some reason, Democrats or Republicans.”

The lawmaker observed that “we’ve created this.”

“We can pray to God [but] God didn’t do this,” he remarked. “This is a manmade issue. It’s only going to be solved by man. And we’re not going to solve it because the system is rigged. Nowadays there’s no real general elections anymore. It’s primaries.”

Moskowitz lamented that Florida Republicans would block any legislation he put forward to address the problem.

“They won’t agree to anything,” he said. “How about just background checks? How about the fact if on your Facebook you’re telling everybody you’re a Nazi and you’re going to kill a thousand people, how about we take that into account when you want to go buy an AR-15? But we don’t.”

“We’ve seen this show before, we know how this movie is going to end,” Moskowitz said. “They want to decrease the background checks. I will fight against that. I will file 100 amendments and I will hold the floor hostage for 15 hours.”

And it won't matter unless we vote the clowns out.  He's right about the primaries, which is why I'll be voting in the GOP primary this year (open primaries, people!).  There's a candidate for Lt. Gov. who is urging people to vote for him in the primary so Dan Patrick (R. Looney-Land) can't keep the office.  It may be the only cure, since so few will join me in voting for Democrats in November.

And if they do, I win that way, too.  Hooray for open primaries!

We gotta do something about this, people.

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