Sunday, February 25, 2018

The Empty Suit Flaps Its Arms...oh, no, that's the breeze

(Didn't CPAC elect Ted Cruz President a few years ago?)
Donald Trump's tweets since Friday night.  The New York Times articles about this weekend tweet barrage:

The Washington Post articles about this weekend tweet barrage:

NPR made one mention of them:

 And not surprisingly, Donald Trump tweeted about it, saying the democratic memo was a bust. And he went back to calling the investigations a witch hunt.
And that's it.  9 pronouncements by the President (and one announcement of a TV interview) and nobody pays attention to more than one of them.  Which raises an important question:  how relevant is President Donald Trump?  I mean, if he wasn't the POTUS, nobody would be reporting about any of these tweets.  NPR discussed his "strategy" in raising the issue of teachers carrying guns in school, but Trump has already dumped that one on the states.  Besides, how much of a "strategy" is it if the White House staff isn't interested in turning it into policy Congress can make a law about?

He's now put it front and center into the debate, even though the White House says they're not planning to make any kind of a legislative proposal on this. It hasn't gone through a policy process. He's just talking about it. 

Sure, it makes Trump feel important, but what does it really do?  While Trump has gone back to insisting the Mueller investigation is a witch hunt, that doesn't seem to be the opinion of the people who have plead guilty to criminal charges.  So, how relevant is what the President says, really?

Seems to me we're all learning to ignore him.  Which is a good thing for this President; but not necessarily a good thing for the Office of the President of the United States.

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  1. How is it not a constitutional crisis to have him as the chief executive of the United States and his party enabling his dunce stool dictatorship?