Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Are We Really This Bad At This?

So, 78% of 1,725,000 (I’m doing this in my head, gimme a break) is 1.4 million, give or take. Remove 180,000 from that, leaves just over 1.2 million needing a second dose, and needing it within 30 days or less.

But we’ve used almost 80% of what we had, which means we can’t finish vaccinations on the majority of those waiting to complete their  course of treatment. And will we get more, and get it distributed, before the time limit begins to run?

Texas is set, per Abbott, to receive about 334,000 more doses of vaccine. That means roughly 700,000 people could get a second dose, provided the next doses arrive timely. That still leaves about 500,000 out of  luck, if no one not yet vaccinated gets an injection. Who thinks this “system” is that carefully regulated?

I’ve been wondering how many people may have to get three shots. Sounds like it may be a lot. Is this is supposed to be a good thing?


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