Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Children of Burwell v. Hobby Lobby

Bastard children, at that:

A US Supreme Court justice on Tuesday rejected a request by health workers in Maine to block a statewide vaccine mandate, while their wider legal challenge against the measure proceeds.

All healthcare workers in the state will have to be fully vaccinated under the mandate, which comes into force on October 29.

Several unnamed health workers and one health provider insist the decree violates their constitutional right to freedom of religion, citing conscientious objections to the vaccine.

They brought the case against Maine Governor Janet Mills and other officials, and have asked the courts to put a preliminary block on the mandate while their case is heard.

On Tuesday, Justice Stephen Breyer -- who responds to emergency applications from Maine -- denied their petition for a preliminary injunction, which had already been rejected by a district court.

Again, failure to grant an injunction doesn't mean the moving party has no case; it just means they don't have a very good one.

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