Saturday, October 16, 2021

Or What?

You'll withhold all your voters in 2022 and 2024?  You'll threaten democracy itself, and destroy the republic with the power of your second-hand tweets? You'll hold your breath until your face turns blue?

Pointing and laughing are now clearly in order.  This is absurd.

There is no provision in law for a "do-over" nor for declaring the loser the winner (even Bush v. Gore didn't declare a winner, it just stopped the vote count.  The court's reading of the Electoral Vote Count Act made that decision a necessity.  Trump is asking for the Court to instate him as POTUS.  They've already declined to get involved in this nonsense.  They aren't going to change their minds now.).  This is beyond farcical.

Besides, as goes Pima County, so goes the nation?  Huh?  His allegations are groundless, as they have been through 60 lawsuits.  But now he says Pima County is suspect, and that's enough to make him the winner?  This is a man who refuses to acknowledge he lost.  The rest of us (i.e., the majority of the country), don't have to sustain him in his delusions. And since he couldn’t get what he wanted from the courts, now he just demands it from…who?

Who is this demand addressed to?  Pima County?  The State of Arizona?  Congress?  The world? How clownish and pathetic can you get?

Pointing and laughing, as I say, is the only reasonable response.


  1. I think what we're seeing is Trump's only real experience with government being the courts, I think he figures an appeal is a "do-over." And he figures as long as he can keep his idiot lawyers and liars on it, he wins in the end. It's worked for him up till now.

  2. In contract law, fraud can undo a contract enough to return the parties to a pre-contractual state. That is the most extreme remedy, though, and not all cases of fraud in a contract get that relief.

    Trump and his idiot minions think that applies to elections. It doesn’t. Nor has he produced evidence sufficient to prove fraud at all. But he thinks saying it makes it so. Because his ego can’t accept such a public failure.

    But throwing temper tantrums is all he has left. I think of him as the kid who didn’t get what he wanted for his birthday, and he won’t let it go.

    He’s not a danger to democracy. He’s just stupid.