Friday, October 29, 2021

It Was Good

And yes, Boomers ruined everything. Or spoiled it, at least.


  1. We briefly had a family Halloween party, I think one of my sisters did popcorn balls a couple of times, there were always homemade cookies. But it came on a weeknight too often and everyone had school or work or teaching at school the next day so that didn't last long. Where we lived we never got trick or treaters except on the rarest of occasions. I'm hoping no one comes this year because I won't get to the store to buy something. I doubt they'd be happy with a quarter anymore, would they.

  2. This reminds me to stop on the way home and get some candy on the off chance we get a few trick or treaters, since we moved in only this summer we have no idea if any kids will arrive. Last night my wife and I were running around trying to find the parts for the costume our middle schooler suddenly decided he needed for today and for Sunday. He has made friends at his new school and wants to go out with them, for that the inconvenience was not a problem.

    Our new town has a town center that looks exactly like a quintessential New England village complete with a town green bordered by a white Congregational church and the brick town hall. People outside the village bring their children to trick or treat in the village, and it has grown to include now children from a number of the surrounding towns. The girls scouts collect candy donations before Halloween and distribute them to village residents to hand out because so many children now arrive. There is also something call "Doors on the Green" arranged by the town. You can sign your children up for the event, it's intended for very small children and special needs children that would have a hard time doing traditional trick or treating. Doors are somehow spiked into the ground around the green, and the kids can go to a door, knock, and someone comes around it and gives them candy. The doors are sponsored, I am guessing by local businesses and by people that live outside the village but miss having trick or treaters.

    I am actually looking forward to seeing the festivities. There seems to be very little grumbling about all the children coming from outside the town, it's look at as a community project. In a year where the local elections (especially the school board) are going to be particularly divisive, at least we can have this.

    1. Glad to provide a public service; and thanks much for the story of the Hallowe'en festivities where you're now living. Sounds grand!

      I doubt we'll have any children this year. The few in the neighborhood are far too young. The rest of us are far too old to have young children anymore. We have some candy, but we've already raided the Reese's cups (we shouldn't have). The Lovely Wife is going to take the remains to her office to give away there, so we don't eat it.