Thursday, October 21, 2021


a) the only people paying attention are Twitter geeks who want to armchair quarterback this stuff. The majority of the country doesn't know who Matt Gaetz is and doesn't care. (and by the way, how many people on Twitter can explain what the House Rules Committee does and why it's considering a criminal referral for Steve Bannon?  I've read Bad Legal Twitter, I can tell you the number of correct answers would be almost zero.)

b) Who gives a shit what Matt Gaetz says anyway?  Weasels gonna weasel.

c) the "talking point" that cases were thrown out on procedural grounds is laughable.  I've seen pro se cases proceed to discovery because they met the barest minimum requirements for filing a lawsuit.  Getting a case thrown out on "procedural grounds" doesn't mean you used the wrong font size, it means you couldn't present ANY evidence when challenged.  And honestly, who's paying attention to those talking points, except the people who think Trump is still flying around on Air Force One (those would be the same people who think AFOne is a specific airplane).

Not everything is the end of civilization as we know it, or the doom of the republic.
See? Everything fine, now?  The more interesting question: what Gaetz and Jordan were doing there?* I'm sure it had something to do with procedural rules and if we could only turn that into a talking point, boy, then we'd have 'em, boy!  Then we'd show 'em!  You betcha!

*I learned later they came as witnesses to speak in defense of Bannon.


  1. Gaetz and Jordan, a likely child rapist and a panderer by neglect, if I were reduced to such defenders I think I'd take my chances by pleading guilty. I think 9 to 4 would be about the percentage of the country who would pretend to believe their word salad, unfortunately, too often, that 4 mixed with the vote of the uninformed plurality is enough to get them what they want.

    1. No, "panderer" isn't the right word. "Accomplice by neglect" is more accurate. I have a feeling a majority of those paying attention outside of their degenerate districts find those two enormously unappealing. The aging jock as much as the half-baked roué