Monday, October 25, 2021

We Need To Take These People As Seriously As Possible

Just like we should take Mike Lindell seriously. I haven't dug into that one (by which I mean I haven't even tried to watch the video), but the last time Lindell said he was gonna do this (August, if you don't recall) he made it clear his revelation of the evidence (at that Frank "conference", IIRC) would get the attention of the Supremes and cause them to spontaneously reverse the election.  So I'm think he's peddling the same snake oil again with this proposed "marathon."  I know the article references a "lawsuit," but I think that's the reporter trying to put together a story that actually conforms somewhat with reality.  I think Lindell has left reality so far behind the color of the sky is different where he is.

But he makes as much sense as the guy who says Trump saved lives with the vaccine, but it will kill us all within 15 years.  Which, considering how many over 65 took it, is just odds anyway.

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  1. Lindell must certainly be about to run out of 15 minutes if they're getting bored with Trump.