Sunday, October 31, 2021

When It’s Hard To Spot The Difference

Uh, no. Although maybe it has something to do with Harvard. The line between real life and internet life is not the bright one some people imagine.

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  1. I am beginning to wonder what the difference between the disaster of a Trump nullifying Supreme Court review would be and what the Robert's and previous Rehnquist Courts have been up to. They nullified the Voting Rights Act for obvious partisan political purposes, they imposed George W. Bush on the country for obvious partisan political purposes, they are about to national the bodies of women of child-bearing age, they will certainly try to nullify all of the environmental law they can for the likes of Coney-Barrett's daddy.
    The Supreme Court's self-made powers of review are hardly an unmitigated good, I would bet in a trial of it, the scale of justice would heavily tilt to oligarchic evil. That statue as its representative is a massive lie.
    The dangers of America's form of government are real and for most People of Color, Women, LGBTQ, and others for most of our history the Supreme Court has not been our friend. That Roberts is widely rumored to be in the closet is probably the only reason that it so recently came to be seen as differently for LGBTQ or whatever portion of my community he would put himself on the line for and I doubt it's all of us.

    I think the Court is going to force the overturning of Marbury v Madison in that regard because it is going into what may be its most degenerate period ever, if not for a long time.