Thursday, October 21, 2021


Trump has been complaining since November 4, 2020, that he wuz robbed and they cheated and he won and he's gonna hold his breath 'til his face turns blue because dirty rotten cheater cheater cheaters!

And still, he isn't President.

He filed 60 cases, and tried repeatedly to get to the Supreme Court, a supposedly more conservative and Trump leaning court than the court in 2000 (which basically followed the Electoral Vote Count Act, which effectively quelled, ironically, many of Trump's attempts to overturn the election, including Eastman's useless and ungrounded memo), which court rebuffed his attempts everytime.

He's still complaining that he won and they lost and cheater cheater cheaters!  Even the press is now reflexively calling his statements lies (or, in press language, "there is no evidence for those claims" because, you know, don't take responsibility for what you say, right?).

And still he isn't President.

He's even claimed he'll be President again before 2024 (actually 2025), and he's cheered people who spout such nonsense.

And still he isn't President.

But he might be!  He could be!  Three years from now!  Who knows what could happen?!?!?!?!?!?????

He's tried using Rehnquist's weak dicta to say states changed their laws during an election year and that was unconstitutional (it wasn't) and fraud (legislatures can't commit fraud by passing laws). Now he thinks he's going to pack the states with people who will reject vote counts unless they elect Trump; or GOP candidates, at least.  That, again ironically, would be both fraud and unconstitutional; as well as a violation of several federal laws.  And who's going to be in charge of the DOJ in 2022 and 2024?  Hint:  not Trump and the GOP.

In the meantime, Trump saying it doesn't make it so.  Just like the guy TDS found to say, on camera, that Trump is still flying around on Air Force One (one simple reason he couldn't be:  that designation is for the U.S. plane the President is flying on.  Trump is no longer President), saying it doesn't make it so.  I knew people in the '60's who insisted LBJ wasn't a legitimate President because he cheated his way into office ("Landslide Lyndon" was not praise, it was meant to be blame).  Barack Obama was accussed of being illegitimate by no less than Donald Trump, and yet no one thought Trump was undermining the republic at the time.  Now we're supposed to be afraid?  Because Trump says so?

You see where this is going, right?

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