Thursday, October 21, 2021


Well, yeah; but we can call those people "chowderheads" and move on. Such people have always been with us, and always will be. "Cancel culture" is a chimerical term dreamed up to fit on a bumper sticker. It is as much a threat to the republic or open society as critical race theory is, although the latter is actually real, except when chattered about by the same poeple who think "cancel culture" is real. We really don't have to "both sides" this matter to a fare-thee-well. I wouldn't even call them "threats to free speech," unless a government entity is behind them via either statute, regulation, or lawsuit. So why does "cancel culture" have to come up at all? Eastman can cry crocodile tears all he wants; what he did as tantamount to sedition (if not fitting the actual elements of the actual crime) and he deserves to be treated harshly for his words and especially his actions (such as being Trump's "brain trust" and egging the crowd on, on January 6 of this year). What has actually happened? He's been criticized: I can't tell if that's harsher, or less harsh, than the criticisms leveled against the "Princess of Arizona": Meghan McCain is more widely known; then again, she thrust herself onto the national stage.

All Eastman did was plot to destroy the Republic.  Fancy getting mild criticism for that.

If we're going to point and laugh at the thin-skinned "Princess of Arizona" (you know you want to), can we do any less to John Eastman?

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