Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Snowflakes In October

I read it in seminary. As I recall, it has some very tough descriptions of the cruelty of American slavery (physical, not just psychological). Most of that was suppressed in the "history" I learned, but was entirely historically accurate in Morrison's novel. And truly the stuff of nightmares.

Which is not at all a reason to ban the book.  Although it's exactly the book I think of when I think of "materials" that make white people feel badly about themselves and their ancestors.  Which is what so many of the statutes popping up across the country, ban.

Truth is the first step to healing, and reconciliation.  Truth hurts.  That's okay. It needs to.  Well, unless you're a delicate white snowflake.  Remember when we used to think those were all "liberals" and "Democrats"?  Although it's a little unclear when this happened, and who it happened to:
Yeah, that's him. Mom started this in 2012. She wants to be able to object to reading matter for her kid, which I don't have a problem with. Banning the book, which is probably how it will play in the gubernatorial campaign, is another matter.

Then again, he was in AP English, which is basically college English for high school kids.  She could have pulled him from AP, because that's precisely the kind of literature you need to read if you're going for "Advanced Placement."  She did, after all, have choices. (My daughter was in the International Baccalaureate program in high school.  They taught stuff at least this tough there.  International standards don't make exceptions for delicate American white snowflakes.)

I wonder if they teach Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee? That book upset me plenty in high school. But then, history is not always kind to white people.

I guess her son is a very special snowflake.


  1. Can they teach The Declaration of Independence which is rather hard on Native Americans and the English. The Constitution is pretty hard on Black People as it allows them to be enslaved and held in slavery, their families broken up, etc. The Bible, especially the Kings James Version is full of stuff that is rather hurtful to named groups and humanity in general. Somewhere Brueggemann said church shouldn't be the happiest place in town but the most honest, Heschel said something about anyone expecting to finds peace of mind in the Scripture isn't really getting what it says.

    I really doubt that anyone could be damaged from reading Beloved but they should certainly be troubled by it, not only white people. Anyone who thinks they are blameless of its implications is not being honest.

    If that creep wins that election I'm going to be too depressed for words.

  2. If some kids had to endure this after the civil war, other kids need to know about it. Simple as that.