Sunday, October 24, 2021

The Irony Of This… that this was retweeted by Popehat, who is known far and wide (on Twitter) for batting down citations to the “fire in a crowded theater” dicta in Brandenburg v. Ohio (which was later overruled entirely).

But I accept that Popehat is not also an ecclesiastical historian.

Still, and in the spirit of the season: this shit’ll never die. ☠️


  1. Bari Weiss compared herself to Galileo, really. Even by the degraded false notions about Galileo and what happened current among the college-credentialed-but-really-TV-and-movie-educated crowd it is clueless and that gal passes herself off as a journalist. Not that journos are notable for their fidelity to the facts and accuracy, especially in her degeneration of them.

    The retold lie of Galileo's harsh treatment seems to me to have originated in the "enlightenment" among either anti-Catholics or atheists or both at once. Of course in any of the popular atheist ruled countries in history, at best he'd have had a show trial where he'd have been tortured into confessing before he was shot in the head, possibly his family being sent a bill for the bullet being used. Yet I've yet to hear of a show mounted at the Old Vic or Broadway or as directed by Spielberg on that hardly touched topic.

    1. There is quite a bit we are sure is "true" about history, which is just stories that originated in the 18th or 19th centuries. Which, ironically, is why we should learn history, so we can learn our place in it, and learn to separate wheat from chaff.

      More fool us that we don't let history get in the way of our ignorance.