Monday, July 29, 2013

2nd Amendment Remedies

"Do you feel accident prone, punk? Well, do ya?"

I could start a blog dedicated solely to "accidental shootings", and even limit it to guns that just "go off," and if I could monetize it I could retire, and never run out of articles to link to:

Authorities say when Charles Pike picked-up a gun off the table, the weapon fired, hitting him in the hand. The bullet then ricocheted off the floor and grazed another man.

Organizers say gun shows follow strict safety measures for both visitors and vendors, and they're unsure how exactly the shooting happened.

"And for some reason, we don't know, this particular weapon had a round in it and had an accidental discharge," explained Larry Loudon, the gun show chairman.
It is a well-known fact that cars don't speed, veer into oncoming traffic, start by themselves, or otherwise cause traffic accidents all on their own.  You want to use that as a defense the next time you are the driver in an accident, especially one that causes serious injury:  be my guest.

Guns, however, mysteriously "go off."  They fire when they are empty.  They shoot people when there is no round in the chamber.  They load themselves, and then they discharge.  Science can't explain it.  The trigger engages the hammer engages the firing pin, when no one intended for it to fire, and it should be the equivalent of a car starting itself on the street and veering into traffic.

But it isn't.

Because when a gun fires, it's always an accident equivalent to a tree branch falling on your head; or the ground opening up at your feet; or a pipe bursting in the house while you're away, ruining everything from the upstairs down.

It's just an accident.  Guns just go off.  Nobody knows how, or why.  But it's just something we have to live with.

Because we have a second amendment, ya see......


  1. Damn! I had this one in the hopper. That's enough to teach me to stick to accidental shootings of children, of which, sadly, there are enough to keep me occupied.

  2. I didn't read this before I wrote what I posted today. Just saying.

    The estimable Southern Beale often posts on these. I'd think a blog dedicated to that topic would be a good thing but there are so many of them, I'd recommend more than one person covering the topic. I tried one documenting the lynching campaign against women but I couldn't get anyone to help and, as there are an average of four every single day, it soon got to be more than I could handle.