Monday, June 13, 2016

And now for something completely different

Jim Walsh on Here and Now very sensibly limned the Orlando shooter (I don't mention his name) as a disturbed person who expressed animosity toward Jews, blacks, women, gays, was unstable and violent, and....has ties to terrorism?

According to this report, the shooter has expressed (at one time or another) sympathies with the Boston bombers, ISIS/Daesh, Hezbollah, and a group (forget the name) who fights ISIS.  As Walsh sensibly pointed out, the hatred expressed for certain groups is simply hatred, and has nothing to do with religion (particularly) at all.

This guy was just not a person who should have had anything sharper than a rubber ball.  ISIS/Daesh is happy for the shout out (they need the good publicity), but otherwise to link this to Islam or even terrorism, is to misdiagnose the cause and apply the wrong solution to the problem.

This sensible line of reasoning, of course, will never get further than that report; or this blog post.*

*And then there's the fact the father's version of events isn't necessarily reliable, either.  Acorn's proximity to tree, and all that.

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