Monday, October 16, 2017


But they will work with him on health care!

Trump speaks, nobody understands him: 

I cutoff the gravy train. If I didn’t cut the CSRs, they wouldn’t be meeting. They would be having lunch and enjoying themselves. They are right now having emergency meetings to get a short-term fix of health care. Where premiums don’t have to double and triple every year like they’ve been doing under Obamacare. Because Obamacare is finished. It’s dead. It’s gone. You shouldn’t even mention it. It’s gone. There is no such thing as Obamacare anymore. I said this years ago. It’s a concept that couldn’t have worked. In its best days it couldn’t have worked.

Okay, fine; but a "short term fix" can only mean a method of funding CSR's without Presidential oversight or control is in the offing, because nothing else will fix what cutting off the CSR's has caused:  a rise in premium costs (yes, it's already happened.  Many insurance companies planned for this and set out two tiers of rates; now they're going with the second one).

If Obamacare is dead, then health care is dead.  It took two years to implement Obamacare, and several more to make it actually functional.  And Trump, who hasn't been able to repeal it yet, is going to replace it in the spring?  Because, what, spring is a good time to pass legislation just before an election later that year?

It was called Obamacare, but I think we will have a short-term fix and a long-term fix and that will take place probably in March or April. We will have a very solid vote. It will be probably 100% Republican. No Democrats. 

Wait:  now the Senate will vote for it, but no Democrats will, even though Democrats will pass the short term fix?  I don't know who's more confused:  me or him.  And this will happen because:

I know the Republican senators and most of them are really, really great people that want to work hard and want to do a great thing for the American public. A few people disappointed us. Really, really disappointed us.

You still can't count, because it only takes a few.  Three at most, and you've insulted at least four of them, by my count, including some who voted with you on healthcare last time around.  Oh, and now the Democrats are going to help?

I feel very confident of that. I think we have the vote for health care. Sadly the Democrats can’t join us on that which will be the long-term fix, but I do believe we will have a short-term fix because I think the Democrats will be blamed for the mess.

Again and again with the magical "short term fix":

So I think we will have a short-term fix with Republicans and Democrats getting together and after that have a successful vote.

Funny, I don't see that happening:

Yup, they're meeting right now to repeal and replace Obamacare.  You showed 'em!  Never get in the way of a man punching himself in the face.  Especially a man who is sure everyone else is to blame:

“Despite what the press writes, I have great relationships with, actually, many senators, but, in particular, with most Republican senators,” Trump told reporters during a meeting with his Cabinet. “But we’re not getting the job done. And I’m not going to blame myself. I’ll be honest, they are not getting the job done.”
I'm sure that attitude is going to continue to win friends and influence people for him!

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