Sunday, October 01, 2017

Which is more important?

The work actually being done?  Or the work "being recognized"?

Trump not only hears what he wants to hear, and is obviously told what he wants to hear, but also thinks the most important part of it all is what people think of him.  This, as several have pointed out already, isn't leadership.  It isn't even human.

Compare and contrast:  Trump at his exclusive golf course in New Jersey, v. the Mayor of San Juan on the streets and in the floodwaters, trying to save lives, and on camera begging for any help she can get.  As she said in her initial response to Trump's first tweets, she wasn't being nasty to Trump, she was just trying to get help, and not getting any.

Even Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan said he doesn't have enough troops and equipment on the island as of Friday to do any good.  The Navy hospital ship has yet to arrive.  But Trump still claims he has 10,000 federal employees on the island.  Buchanan said he has only 4400 troops there; an MSNBC report claimed 5000 troops.  From the guy who claimed he had the largest inaugural audience in history, I'm supposed to believe the actual number is double either of those?

Sorry, not buying.

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