Sunday, October 08, 2017

We are smart. We need things.

It's official:  our President is a Pakled:

“This [the Las Vegas shooter] was a sick person, but probably smart,” Trump said. “And he had cameras, but (police) got there so quickly, and they really did — and they have to be given credit.”
But were the police smart?

And please don't ever tell me again that experience is the best teacher:

“Is there a limit?” Todd pressed. “Is the right to bear arms unlimited or is there a limit?”

According to [House Majority Whip and gunshot survivor Steve] Scalise, “the Second Amendment really predates the Bill of Rights.”

“It is a long history in our country to make sure that you protect the rights of citizens to bear arms,” he explained.

“But is it unlimited?” Todd wondered.

“It is,” Scalise opined. “You are right in the sense that there are already limits on the gun ownership but, frankly, let’s go out and enforce those laws. Don’t try to put new laws in place.”

Not only historically and legally ignorant, but he doesn't even know what words mean ("unlimited" doesn't mean unlimited, it just means unlimited with limits; which should be unlimited.  Or something.).  Besides, every gun the Las Vegas shooter owned was obtained legally.  So enforcing those laws didn't do anything for those victims, did it?

Screw 'em.  They paid the price for our freedumb.

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