Thursday, October 19, 2017

"They drag me back in!"

It was only yesterday Trump said:

He insisted on it again in front of cameras:  it was all lies!
And then the White House said Trump was just misunderstood.  By whom?  How disgraceful of you to ask!  Now Kellyanne Conway explains who misunderstood the President:  haters.

“It’s just the haters being presumptively negative, as they always are,” Conway said. “But you know what’s tragic? That family just suffered a loss … and yet it gets immediately politicized because people of privilege think they can score cheap political points against the president.”

“That’s what we do find to be most disgraceful,” she added.
"Disgraceful" and "nasty" are this White House's favorite words for people who don't kowtow to it.

But notice who the haters are:  the mother of LaDavid Johnson, the widow of Sgt. Johnson, and Rep. Frederica Wilson.  Apparently the "people of privilege" include the immediate family of the slain soldier.  Ms. Conway wasn't done there; she had to go on to confirm that everything we've already heard about this conversation was true:

“They are misrepresenting the President. You have to give the full quote,” Conway said.

She claimed Trump’s full remarks to Johnson’s widow “ended with him saying, ‘But it’s never easier,’ ‘It’s always difficult,’ or ‘This is very tough’ or ‘These are hard.'”

But that language was reported on the 17th, when the story broke:

So we have confirmation of the original story, complete refutation of the President's response to the story, and a new way to interpret it because when Trump said "but it still hurts" or some variation thereon, hey!  That made it all better!

Still, haters gonna hate, amirite?

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