Sunday, October 08, 2017


And I don't even like Sen. Corker all that much 
“I thought that when I got to the Oval Office, I would have a bill sitting on my desk, repeal and replace, a beautiful health care bill, and it didn’t happen,” he said in a clip of the interview that was released Friday. 

Because that's the way the legislative process works!  The minions do the hard work, the CEO signs off on it!  And it's fast, fast, fast!  It would be on his desk the day of his inauguration!

Remember once again this idiot has never so much has worked in a corporate office....

“But remember it didn’t happen because of a lot of Republicans and it happened, that horrible thing happened because of a few people, really a few people,” he said, referencing Republicans like Sens. John McCain (R-AZ), Susan Collins (R-ME) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) who weren’t shy about their opposition to the Senate’s repeal and replace plans this summer and fall.

Now watch closely, because those "few people" will suddenly disappear by a sleight of hand possible only with severe innumeracy!

“And the problem we have is we have 52 senators and they have to get rid of the absolutely crazy voting where you need 60, it’s called the filibuster rule it’s a disaster, ok? It’s a disaster for the Republicans. They have to get rid of it. If they don’t get rid of it, it’s just a death sentence,” he said.

Oh, if only the Senate had a rule allowing some bills to be passed with only a majority of one!  Why, they have 52 Senators, surely they would get 51 votes!  Surely!  And as if to prove he really doesn't understand either politics or how to count:

(that would be the same endorsement he offered Sen. Strange?)

Corker will be in the Senate through 2018.

What was it Tillerson called Trump again?

Donnie Jr. and Sarah H. are upset the press doesn't say enough nice things about the POTUS.  I can't figure out how it's a misrepresentation to simply quote him, but it must be.  I mean, some people say....

(adding this, but too good to leave out);

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  1. It's quite funny that his own son and flack have to run away from what he says, on the record, to the world. Only it's more scary than funny.

    This regime is a serious warning that we are right at the abyss with one foot and arm and head over it already. This is a failure of the United States Constitution, the rule of law, the culture of the society and every other institution that has allowed this to get here, none quite as much as the media. It created Trump, both as a celebrity and as a candidate and it destroyed the only person who stood between the world and his rule.

    I came up with the phrase "cold civil war" exactly a week ago, tonight, reading the first reports on what happened in Las Vegas, I think it was the right term for what we are in now and this time the American Nazis are winning.