Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Through the Looking Glass

 Because sure, why not?

It's all about him.  Always.

Reality is a fiction we agree upon.  Just ask Mick Mulvaney:

“All y’all show is the bad stuff,” Mulvaney said. “We spent several hours on the island (Tuesday) afternoon, (and) we got a chance, for example, to be briefed by the Army Corps of Engineers, the folks working on the electrical grid and all the work that they are doing, on everything that is going right — and by the way, some of the efforts down there are absolutely fantastic.”

Chris Cuomo had to actually argue with Mulvaney about CNN's coverage of the disaster that is now Puerto Rico:

“Not only is it baseless, but it is just an insult to the situation,” Cuomo said. “When there are people coming up to you on the streets, begging for help, you don’t say, ‘Well, you know, things aren’t as bad as you think, my friend.'”


“It’s not being done to you, Mick, (or) to the president to embarrass you, it’s just being able to reinforce the need,” Cuomo added. “Whatever’s being done, it’s not enough, Mick — and if you don’t know that now, you’re never going to know it. I have to believe you understand the reality.”

Mulvaney acted as if he’d made his point to Cuomo, who responded in shocked silence for a long moment.

“The good news is, you’re going to do a better job going forward and we appreciate that,” Mulvaney said.
Because when CNN reports that everything is great, it will no longer be reporting "Fake News!"  and reality will be once again what they say it is.

Or something.

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