Sunday, June 19, 2022

But…But…But…Both Sides Now!

During Thursday's Jan. 6 committee hearing, retired federal judge J. Michael Luttig issued a dire warning to the country. Luttig, who advised former Vice President Mike Pence, said that 17 months after the riot on the U.S. Capitol, "Donald Trump and his allies and supporters are a clear and present danger to American democracy." 
Luttig said the United States is at a crossroads similar to the one the country faced during the Civil War, and he said America needs help. Pence prevented a fall into chaos, and 3 other takeaways from Jan. 6 hearing HOUSE JAN. 6 COMMITTEE HEARINGS Pence prevented a fall into chaos, and 3 other takeaways from Jan. 6 hearing. 
Luttig was appointed to the federal bench by George H.W. Bush and worked in both the Bush and Reagan administrations. He said in his written testimony that the U.S. is in a "war" over the nation's democracy and that "only the party that instigated this war can end it," calling on the Republican Party to start a reconciliation process. 
Speaking to NPR on Saturday, Luttig reiterated his message that lawmakers must begin talking to each other as "fellow Americans that have a shared destiny and shared hopes and dreams for America." But Republicans must start the process, he added.

Yeah, that’ll happen:  

(So winning is irrelevant? All that matters is owning the libs? The infantilization of America goes on.)

And Crenshaw was as mature as his critics:
Soon, and very soon, I’m sure, we can start that reconciliation process.

Not to argue with the eminent jurist, but if our hope lies in Republicans going first, we’re in deep doo-doo. 💩 

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