Monday, June 20, 2022


And what about names?

Would you name your daughter Madison? (My middle name, my grandfather’s first name, my uncle’s first name. I can pinpoint the moment that became a name for girls, but I’ve said too much already.)

Beverly? A man’s name in the 19th century. Same with Ashleigh/Ashley. Leslie (have we forgotten Leslie Nielsen so quickly?). You get the idea.

In the 19th century blue was considered “soft” and so, feminine. Pink was strong, and male. Definition is everything; and always quite mutable.

Today when we speak of “drag ,” we mean men in what we consider women’s clothes. Women in men’s clothes is merely fashion. Women showing off their legs is expected. Men were the only ones allowed to do that when the “Founding Fathers” were…founding.

And “Some Like It Hot” is suddenly…porn?

Nothing is carved in stone. The question is: why do we care? Or care about who draws the lines?

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