Thursday, June 23, 2022

Just Think…

This could have been the J6 Committee hearings.

"Last week marked the anniversary of the scandal that led to Watergate, which led to felony convictions and the first resignation of a United States president," he said. "And a scant seven and a half years ago, another scandal rocked our nation threatening the very core and foundation of our republic, that being, of course, deflategate."

The congressman recalled the scandal "where in an AFC championship game, the NFL footballs, the pigskins, the rock, the pill, the hand egg, the melon and the leather was mysteriously underinflated by two PSI."

Fallon noted that the league eventually suspended Brady, referring to him by the nicknames "the GOAT, the California Cool, Real Slim Brady, the Master of the Tuck, the Lord of the Rings, Tom Terrific."

"Mr. Commissioner, I'm sure you're aware that many in New England worship Mr. Thomas Patrick Brady as a demigod of sorts," he continued. "My point here, sir, is this country simply can't afford another scandal, particularly a preventable one."

Fallon called on Goodell to change the NFL rules to "guarantee the consistency of the pressure of footballs."

The shocking thing is, he made Gym Jordan look sensible:

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