Thursday, June 23, 2022

Things I Missed Because I Can’t Pay Attention To This All Day

The bubble's bubble's bubble. See? No shit. Oh, shit. Right again, Professor! One could be lead to that conclusion.

Matt Gaetz wanted a pardon. The connection was to the election film-flam, but the pardon was described as “going back to the beginning of time.” Gee, why would Gaetz want that? (I’m not even sure the film-flam was Gary’s’ primary concern, but more a convenient conveyance to his real goal.)
I always find out what we’re doing when it’s already too late!*

*(To be honest, if I’m around and pardons are being passed out like party favors, I’ll take one. I’ve seen the state go after people, and guilt and innocence are concepts, not concrete realities. I’ll also plead the 5th to keep from being convicted of a crime out of my own mouth. There are better reasons to judge these people and find them wanting.)

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