Monday, June 27, 2022

They Will Always Have Their Children....

...and the products of their rape or incest (which is rape, isn't it? Why do we distinguish that? So it sounds worse?)

I found out yesterday Texas ranks 51st in mental health care availability (yes, 51st; below even D.C., which actually ranks fairly high).  Alternatively, Texas is 4th in number of mental health cases (second most populous state in the country, so, it figures).

So mental health care to curb kids buying guns and shooting up schools?  Twice what we do now will still be nothing, and I guarantee the Lege won't agree to double that budget item.

As for children born and put up for adoption/foster care, I wouldn't wish the Texas foster care/child protection system on my worst enemy.  It's a nightmare that should be shutdown as worse than the black hole of Calcutta (because it is), but then what do you do with the kids?  Actually, they might be better off homeless.  I am not kidding.

So while Elon Musk may love it, his female employees won't (I haven't heard Tesla offer to pay for abortion travel).  This could actually affect companies moving to southern states; again, I'm not kidding.  And while Texas touts low taxes, you don't get much for those low taxes.  But I expect we're going to have a lot more children flooding the foster care system real damned soon.

O brave new world that seems so strangely familiar.

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