Monday, June 27, 2022


"...anyone who helps…”? Airline personnel? Airport employees? Bus drivers? Amazon? 

Good luck with that. You know, you can still sue someone in Texas for aiding an abortion. There’s a reason nobody ever tried. And compared to criminal cases, civil cases are easy.What DA is going to try to assemble the evidence for that criminal case?

I must admit I’m curious about the jurisdictional issue. The Lege tried to give the AG authority to prosecute election fraud criminal cases, but the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals said that violated the Texas constitution. I honestly wonder how jurisdiction is established for District Attorneys, and whether or not the Lege can play fast and loose with it. Either way, I’m dubious neighboring DA’s are going to prowl Harris County for criminal cases to prosecute. 

It sounds dystopian; but it turns out no lawyer wants to sue an Uber driver on contingency (good luck collecting). I’m very curious what DA the next county over is going to get wind of an individual abortion in one of the major urban counties where population easily exceeds 1 million.

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