Monday, June 20, 2022

Oh Where, O Where Have They Gone?

Appearing on CNN Monday, conservative commentator Margaret Hoover acknowledged that the Texas GOP platform was a significant problem for the party, although she tried to distance it from the views of run-of-the-mill GOP voters.

"The activist base of the Republican Party in Texas is a mob mentality and it has taken over the apparatus that is the GOP infrastructure," she said. "The activist base of the party is different than primary voters in Texas, self-identified GOP primary voters. You see this because Dan Crenshaw just survived a Republican primary contest by 35,000 votes, I mean it wasn't even close."

All that said, Hoover argued Republican leaders needed to do more to steer their party in a more sensible direction.

"They are nuts," she said of Texas GOP activists. "This isn't a five-alarm fire, this is like an asteroid is coming for Earth if you're in the GOP party in Texas. It's a mess. You really have to take it very, very seriously."
CNN host John Berman then noted that when some establishment members of the Texas GOP showed up to the party convention this weekend, "They were booed."

"They need to stand up against it," Hoover said. "Where is the leadership, the calmer, saner voices that can cool the passions of the masses?"

Where are the GOP leaders? 

Where are they, indeed?

Speaking of "crazy" and "Navy SEALs" (which seems to be a redundancy):
Maybe we shouldn't be electing Navy SEALs to public office? And: is it significant that all whose heavily armed men are busting into a completely empty house?  Is that because RINO's would be too dangerous for them?  Or because this is how Navy SEALs see reality?

Or maybe they see it this way:
Yeah, I don't know where the GOP leadership is, but the idea that the party is controlled by anyone except the leader of a mob, is an idea that hearkens back to the days of conventions where party nominees were actually chosen, and party bosses in smoke-filled rooms. Those days have been over for a LOOOONNG time.  This is the result of the reforms that were supposed to make the parties more "democratic."

Cherish it.

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