Tuesday, June 28, 2022

That Was The Day That Was

But...but...but...the hearsay! A lot of commentary on NPR about the 25 year old woman with more spine (and balls) than her boss. Or Trump, implicitly. Especially how she was "disgusted" with what occurred on Jan. 6th. Obviously the Deep State turned her. Right? Goes to character and fitness for office, Your Honor! Gotta admit my favorite part was about Trump trying to grab the steering wheel (from the back seat! Can that asshole even drive?) and then choking the head of his Secret Service detail. That's the kind of story that takes no explanation, and doesn't offer much in the way of extenuating circumstances. Besides proving he really wanted to lead the crowd into the Capitol, since Pence obviously wasn't gonna do the job. He also watches TeeVee: Not really the defense he imagines it to be. Combine that with attacking his own driver for not going to the Capitol (and just replay that scene: what is he, 10 years old?) and you conclude he wanted to lead an armed crowd into the Capitol to do what Mike Pence wouldn't. And Giuliani and Meadows were down with it, because came the dawn of Jan 7, they're both asking for pardons because: Ooops! That didn't work!

This ain't Watergate.  Small children can understand this story.
Until he does, he's just a fuckin' liar.

The Jan. 6 select committee has interviewed the top Secret Service agent on then-President Donald Trump’s protective detail during the Capitol attack, according to three people familiar with the probe.

I've yet to see this Committee make a statement, or ask another witness to make a statement on what she/he was told, that wasn't corroborated by other witnesses.  If Engel didn't confirm that story, I don't think they'd have asked Hutchinson about it.


Lord help us all!
Bret Baier and I agree on something! It's a sign of the End Times!

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  1. If she turns out to be a John Dean depends on whether or not this is a fundamental change in her thinking and future actions. When she mentioned all of the "good things" the Trump regime accomplished I wondered, putting babies in concentration camps? The massive corruption, graft, grift? The catalog of publicly known crimes is so extensive I'd really have been tempted to ask her to give me a list of five. She might be a heroine or she might be just someone who got scared of what they were doing.