Monday, June 27, 2022

“We’re The Supreme Court, Bitchez!”

That is one thing that friends of mine, pro-life friends of mine, conservative lawyers of mine, and others underlie, it wasn't just the holding taking away a fundamental right over the past 50 years," Scarborough said. "They found the tone to be confrontational, and anyone who has followed the Supreme Court, anyone who has read constitutional law knows that most justices, especially in landmark decisions, bend over backwards to explain how this is not a radical move, this is -- we are moving forward, and we're moving in the direction that this country has been moving in, and we understand there are problems, and they'll round off some of the harsher edges. They will give something to their opponents, their legal or ideological opponents." 
"There was none of that there," Scarborough added. "I've got to say, more than any Supreme Court decision I've ever read, it was -- even the language, there was a violence to the reasoning. We win, you lose. We're taking away these rights, and there's nothing you can do about it. Please, if somebody disagrees with me, please let me know where a court has overruled a right that's been in place for 50 years and done so in such an aggressive manner with absolutely no grace and absolutely no outreach to their legal or ideological opponents."
Just enjoying hearing someone else say it.

This opinion was ideological, not judicial. And therein lies the very, very grave danger. Danger to the law, and to the judicial system itself.

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