Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Oh, I Think We Can

Even FoxNews is gobsmacked. On the other, other, satirical hand: I am a little curious about how much "good graces in Trumpworld" are worth, even in the "Trumpworld" market. Because Trump's loyalty all runs one way, and he can turn you into a liar and leaker who he never knew at the drop of a hat.

I am a little concerned that our frame of reference for reality in the West Wing is Hollywood Mafia movies.
Well, that's just because the future is impossible to predict! I still want my goddamned flying car! Alright, that is a frame of reference shift I did NOT see coming! The real change in frame is the death of the Voting Rights Act; all we're doing now is waiting for the funeral, expected shortly. 15th Amendment, we hardly knew ye (some amendments are more sacred than others).

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