Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Whataburger started in the '50's in Texas.  In 2001, the Legislature declared it a State Treasure.  When I moved back to Texas after 5 years in the Midwest (Illinois, mostly), I told my then 6 year old daughter that the first thing we were gonna do was get a Whataburger.  In my Texas accent (such as it is), she thought I was saying "Waterburger," a confusion we still laugh about.  She's coming home for a visit soon, and has already demanded we stop at Whataburger on the way home from the airport.  Fortunately, Whataburger is open 24 hours around here.

All by way of trying to explain the mythic status Whataburger has in Texas to those of you who read this and are non-Texans..  It's not the best burger anywhere, but it has captured Texas' heart.  James Avery, the Texas jewelry equivalent of Whataburger, marketed a charm with the Whataburger logo, and sold out of it the first three times it offered it.  You understand, it's something we love.  And who can hold it against Beto that he is seen eating there on lots of videos on the internet?

Ted Cruz has got to be the most tone-deaf politician I've ever seen.

(And Richard Linklater is another Texas treasure; or he should be considered such.  He's having way too much fun with this.)

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