Monday, October 15, 2018

What Color Is The Sky...

on his planet?

Stahl pressed Trump about the zero tolerance police that led to thousands of children being separated from their families.

“Can you answer yes or no,” Stahl asked for the third time about reinstituting the executive order.

“There have to be consequences for coming into a country illegally,” Trump said.

After he closed all the legal points of entry to asylum seekers, that is.

“I’m not going to ask it again,” she said, giving up.

“You don’t have to,” Trump said. “But it’s the same as Obama.”

Obama didn't close ports of entry to asylum seekers, or separate families and put children in cages, or separate them (we now learn) permanently from their parents.  Trump is bent on creating a generation of orphaned children; but they aren't U.S. citizens, so who cares?

When asked about what he’s learned from his presidency, Trump called Manhattan real estate people “babies” compared to political people.

“It’s the most deceptive, vicious world. It’s vicious. It’s full of lies, deceit and deception,” he said. “You make a deal you might as well be making a deal with that table.”

“Give me an example,” she asked.

“Well, I don’t want to give you an example — remember nobody’s been able to do what I do,” Trump said. “When you look at taxes, when you look at regulation when you look at making deals with other countries — nobody’s been able to do something like this. Actually, most people didn’t even try because they didn’t have the ability to do it. But it’s a very deceptive world. The other thing I’ve really learned is I never knew how dishonest the media was. I really mean it. I’m not saying that to soundbite, I never know how –“

“I’m going to change the subject again,” Stahl moved on.

“No, but even the way you ask me a question like about family separation, I say Obama did it you don’t want to talk about it,” Trump said. Obama never took children from their families at the border and put them in cages.

“I’m going to run your answer, but you did it four times,” Stahl said about Trump avoiding answering her question.

“I’m just telling you that you treated much differently on the subject,” Trump said.

“I disagree, but I don’t want to have that fight with you,” she said. “I’d rather have another fight with you.”

“Hey, that’s OK. That’s OK. I’m president and you’re not,” he said.

He's not Chevy Chase, either.

And it's good to be king, where words mean what you want them to mean (the subject is Dr. Christine Blasey Ford):

“Why did you have to make fun of her?” Stahl asked.

“I didn’t really make fun of her,” Trump said.

Stahl said that when speaking at the hearing, one thing Dr. Ford remembered the worst moment was that the two men were laughing at her.

“OK,” Trump said, shrugging his shoulders.

“And then I watched you mimic her and thousands of people were laughing at her,” Stahl explained.

“They can do what they — I will tell you this,” Trump said. “The way now Justice Kavanaugh was treated has become a big factor in the midterms.”

“But did you have to–” Stahl cut in.

“I think she was treated with great respect,” Trump said about the Senate hearing. “There are those who think she shouldn’t have been.”

“But do you think you treated her with great respect?” Stahl asked.

“Oh, yes, I do,” he answered.

And, taking a note from Matt Yglesias:

Perhaps the most telling moments in the whole interview were two separate remarks about Secretary of Defense James Mattis. At one point, Trump, when asked about reports that Mattis had tried to explain the value of NATO to him, snapped, “I think I know more about it than he does.”

Later, he explained that Mattis is “sort of a Democrat, if you want to know the truth.”

Mattis is, of course, not a Democrat. He is a career military officer and defense hawk who was fired by Barack Obama’s administration for his unwillingness to get on board with their diplomatic opening to Iran. That, in turn, is how he ended up working for Trump.

But Trump refuses to listen to anyone about anything, even subject-matter experts who clearly know more than he does. Instead, he concocts a bizarre mirror universe in which Mattis holding a very normal Republican Party view about NATO becomes evidence that he’s a crypto-Democrat. Which in turn is a reminder that while Republicans in Congress support Trump because he largely advocates an orthodox Republican agenda, it’s far from a perfectly orthodox one.

While we're on the subject of Trump, a flashback to July 5 of this year:

“I will give you a million dollars to your favorite charity, paid for by Trump, if you take the test and it shows you’re an Indian,” Trump said July 5 at a rally in Great Falls, Montana. “Let’s see what she does. I have a feeling she will say no, but we’ll hold that for the debates.”

So Sen. Warren did:

Sen. Warren should not hold her breath:
Trump saw his counselor, and raised her:

“Who cares?” Trump told reporters on Monday. “I didn’t say that. Nope, you better read it again.”

The man is not fit to hand out towels in the men's room of the White House.

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  1. A friend of mine said that she should say that she put up her DNA test, she wants him to put up his income tax returns.

    Of course it will never happen.

    Kellyanne Conway is a bigger and more obvious liar than Baghdad Bob, yet the American media still has her on.