Thursday, October 25, 2018

Drag Queen Story Hour!

I keep seeing articles on-line about how high voter turnout in Texas means Republicans are winning, an upside-down view that's become prominent only because media must report the horse race and must make it a horse race even if it isn't.  I have reasons to doubt this view of things because:  a)  early voting in Harris County (where Houston is) is breaking records, even though voting is only available this week from 8:00 to 4:30, working hours for most people (it goes to 12 hours a day next week).  That's already been a bone of contention, so let it lie.  More interesting is this robocall I just received, which I will quote in pertinent part:

Have you had enough of George Soros and the Radical Democrats attempts to promote mob rule and anarchy?  Republicans believe in jobs, not mobs.  Vote early, and be sure to vote straight Republican. Republicans believe in the rule of Constitutional law.  The Democrats promote mob rule and moral anarchy, open borders, abortion, the L-G-B-T-Q agenda (I swear you could hear the hyphens in his enunciation), Drag Queen Story Hour, socialism, and communism.  The Democrats must be stopped!

This is a call that ends with a plea for electing GOP judges (yes, judges are elected in Texas).  Which is weird, since I never imagined judges enforcing anarchy, open borders, the L-G-B-T-Q agenda, or holding Drag Queen Story Hour.

And communism?  How old is the audience you aimed this at?  I'm barely old enough to remember when Communism was a thing, and it doesn't even exist anymore anywhere on the planet.  And with God as my witness, I had no idea that "Drag Queen Story Hour" was a thing, much less a thing in Houston.  Apparently it goes on in public libraries, which raises my opinion of Houston immensely.  Not sure what drag queens have to do with socialism or communism, though.

Yeah, if the GOP is so confident high voter turnout is in their favor, why are they making calls like this?

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