Tuesday, October 09, 2018

"Tough as Texas"?

The first O'Rourke/Cruz debate, where Cruz was expected to display his much rumored but never before seen "world-class" debating skills, spawned only a meme:  "True to Form," which was about Cruz, not by him, a meme that launched about 2 dozen t-shirts on Amazon.  Cruz's debating skill seemed limited to calling O'Rourke a "socialist" every chance he got, but he never got O'Rourke to run from the label.  So it's safe to say O'Rourke wiped the floor with Cruz.

Safer to say because Cruz "postponed" the next debate so he could stay in D.C. to vote for Kavanaugh over the weekend.  Even safer to say Cruz was running scared, because he never re-scheduled that second debate.

And third time proves the rule:  Cruz has cancelled the "town-hall" format debate, the third of the originally announced three (for those who aren't counting, we're now down to only one), because:  reasons.  Those reasons being Cruz is not helping himself by presenting himself to non-handpicked groups of GOP true believers.  As we've had occasion to say before around these parts, Cruz just ain't that popular.  Which is not an extraordinary thing for Texas Senators.  Phil Gramm once ventured into the Presidential campaigns by making the rounds in New Hampshire.  Rabid Phil Gramm supporters, however, were so repulsed by their hero in person that his handlers had to usher him from the room, and his chances fell precipitously.  We kept sending him to D.C. to get him out of Texas.  Cruz is just as obnoxious as Gramm, even more so apparently, but Texas may well not send him back.

After all, 55,000 people didn't show up just to hear Willie.

I'm starting to worry less and less about O'Rourke's chances; my enthusiasm for what's coming is just getting stronger.

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