Monday, October 01, 2018

You Don't Need To Be a Weatherman....

Behold the new GOP talking point:

“One hundred people on that Senate now have to look themselves in the eye, in the mirror and know they’re doing the right thing,” McBride said. “One of the most important right things was not done in July, when that letter got to Senator Feinstein.”

“Now it really looks like the whole process was polluted and corrupted and nobody feels good about it,” she added. “Everybody is traumatized, including the whole country and these two people.”

In absolutely no coincidence at all, this same argument (that Feinstein caused this turmoil by not going to the FBI in July) was spouted by a former Scalia law clerk on NPR's "1A".  When Joshua Johnson pointed out Sen. Feinstein told Dr. Ford nothing could be done with her allegation as long as it remained anonymous, Fitzpatrick blithely ignored that fact and continued to blame her for the inaction until September (when Ford agree to drop her anonymity).  Not coincidentally, Johnson had already mentioned Anita Hill's publicly stated plan to have an independent and confidential committee available to review such charges in private, and take them to the Senate only if deemed warranted, the better to preserve privacy by accusers and for the accused.  Fitzpatrick didn't address that, either.  The only blame here is to fall on the Democrats.

And the only interesting connection here is that Fitzpatrick is a law professor, not a political pundit or full time political operative.


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