Monday, October 22, 2018

Hope Springs Eternal

“Many white evangelicals around the country support the Republican agenda wholeheartedly based on this issue of abortion,” Dias said. “But now they’re seeing Beto O’Rourke, someone they’re telling me better represents Jesus, frankly, and the range of ways they saw Jesus caring for the vulnerable people. They said, ‘look, we all voted for Ted Cruz in 2012 and no more.”

Early voting starts today.  If turnout is as strong as it has been in Georgia and Nevada, Christmas may come early this year.


  1. Ix-nay on the opti-nism-nay. I'm superstitious about that, having experienced what might well be jinxes.

    I'm voting early. Standing in lines at polls, contributing to the waiting of others, done with that.

  2. I'd vote today but the new schedule doesn't allow for it. Gonna vote this week, though, come hell or high water.

    Vote early and often! That's my motto.

    (And without some optimism, people stay home, saying it's worthless. Gerrymandering, the "Year of Jubilee" that gutted the Voting Rights Act (and why Georgia is running free with voter suppression tactics the pre-VRA South wishes they'd come up with), etc., are all reasons to give up. A little optimism can make people activists, too.)