Tuesday, August 30, 2022

"All Others Pay Cash"

I still want to see some posters with the added "All Others Pay Cash" at the bottom. But a rainbow flag and in Arabic? *chef's kiss* as the kids say.*

I will note this is a controversy in Carollton, which, as the article notes, is a hotbed for this crap in schools right now (and a hotbed of racism, which apparently they were proudly 'round there).  I'm not hearing anything about it in Houston ISD (the largest ISD in the state), not even any attempt to take over the school board by Patriot Mobile.  Then again, HISD has single member districts and is a hugely diverse district covering many square miles (huge in geography and student body, IOW).  Patriot Mobile probably knows better.

The kind of people they'd put on the school board won three seats in my ISD (don't know if Patriot Mobile financed them, but somebody did).  They're already flailing.  I expect one will not win re-election, and I don't think their minority of 3 will expand in the next board election.

Still thinkin' about those posters, though.  Lots of languages spoken in Houston.  Posters in Arabic and Vietnamese and Urdu would not be amiss, methinks.

*And yea, the school board could be sued over this.  That would be good, too.  Not for the district taxpayers, but for the idiotic law.

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  1. Younger people are so much more skilled in friggin' with them than they were when I was young.