Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Crime For Fun And Profit

And while we're on the subject of intent: And it wasn't me saying the documents mixed with personal items indicating intent to keep them illegally; that was the DOJ: And I started this earlier, but I'll drop it here: A lawyer is not obligated to do whatever-the-hell the client wants. A lawyer is also a counselor-at-law, which means you advise your client not to do stupid things. So either Trump’s lawyers are spineless jellyfish, or they’re participants in his crimes.  There's really no excuse for exposing Trump this way, except maybe the excuse that they've cleverly gotten DOJ to reveal their strategy against Trump.  But the defense is, what:  he "Declassified" the documents, a double super-secret declassification he only revealed when he was caught with more top secret (and above) documents?  A secret in-his-mind-only declassification which doesn't work that way?  And how about the commingling, indicating clear intent to hold the documents against several requests, one a subpoena ("subpoena" literally means "under pain," i.e., backed by punishment for non-compliance), to hide them even by putting them in his desk drawers and in boxes with personal mementoes (like framed TIME Magazine covers).  My guess is the lawyers for Trump are just learning about this evidence, too.

One wonders if Mr. Kise wants to reconsider appearing as counsel to the FPOTUS. I would be, just based on Trump's posts this morning:  I don't know if Kise has signed any of the documents filed on Trump's behalf in this case (that would mark an "appearance"), but maybe he doesn't want to if he doesn't have to.  Trump's got to be the criminal defendant from hell by now.
I mean, the DOJ just hit Trump between the eyes with a 10 pound sledge hammer, and Trump didn't even blink.

As I've said before, Trump doesn't have any "teflon."  He's never faced a criminal investigation, now he's facing four at once.  Everybody thought New York was capital; then Georgia.  I think the DOJ just trumped everybody.  And while this brief doesn't affect the status of their criminal case against Trump (nothing is revealed they don't want revealed), it's a torpedo right into the engine room of Trump's political ambitions.
Yeah, that hole is definitely below the water-line.

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