Saturday, August 27, 2022

I Honestly Think You Have To Be A Lawyer… appreciate how utterly atrocious and bad and stupid and inept (are you getting the idea?) this “thing” Trump is pursuing in federal court is. I don’t think anyone on Twitter or cable news has yet realized how utterly bad it is, because we all presume a certain amount of competence that seems now to be utterly lacking in Trump’s lawyers. See, e.g., Giuliani at Four Seasons, or this new entry: That’s not even vaguely legally relevant.

We assume licensed lawyers know what they’re doing. This is the rare case when we shouldn’t do that. At. All.

So this thread helps a bit; but at this point it would almost take Homer to describe what an epic fall this is . Barring that, we have this. Sing, O Muse!
Remember this is just the tip of the iceberg, and you begin to see what a joke is really is.

Meanwhile, remember the FBI found these documents in Trump’s office, his bedroom, and a basement. Anyone could have looked at these documents, including cleaning staff. Are there dots to connect?
That is suddenly a very worrisome question.

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