Friday, August 26, 2022

“Redacted” Is “Canceled” In Trumpspeak 🤷

(Editor’s note:”redacted” does not mean “canceled.” Unless you think “edited” is a synonym for “extinguished.”)* I just want to point out the comments in that video are all from before today. Aside from FoxNews wondering why the FBI didn't raid earlier (?), I haven't heard anything from these clowns. I'm sure we will. But they'll still be clowns. Without doubt. So many, many reasons to not let this man near within 500 feet of any federal office, unless he is in custody.

No, seriously.

The information revealed in the affidavit indicates that the country’s national security and the safety of intelligence agents were possibly put at severe risk when national defense documents were apparently stored in a room at a resort in Florida.

It’s a little confusing – there’s been much talk in the media about classified information. Improper storing of classified information is a crime, but that is not what is being investigated here. A much more serious crime under the Espionage Act is at stake.

Even someone like a former president who initially had lawful possession of national defense information commits a felony by retaining that information after the government demands its return. Trump can not hang on to national defense documents even if, while president, he “declassified” such documents, as he claims he did.

It’s been documented that a Chinese spy penetrated Mar-a-Lago while Trump was president. It is a unsecured location. If a foreign spy got into that room and walked out with information disclosing U.S. undercover agents around the world, or how we have been monitoring and collecting classified information around the world, I see the potential harm as staggering.

"Skyfall" started with this McGuffin as the opening premise of the movie (it disappeared, largely because 007 failed to recover the records and was shot off the top of a moving train).  Just like that movie, if such information got out, we the general public would never know about it.  But the people involved certainly would.  So, far all we know, this happened.  We might as well assume the worst.  People in intelligence, here and abroad, already are.

*”Redacted” dates to the mid-19th century. It was little used until about 4 years ago. It has seen more use in that time than in the preceding 150+ years. I blame the internet. And redacted culture.

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