Tuesday, August 23, 2022

For The Record

Trump is styled "pro se" in the pleadings; but three lawyers signed the "motion." This is one of the reasons Popehat said he wouldn’t fire an associate who drafted a pleading like this, he’d just kill him. It would be a mercy killing.

And what I said about Trump doing DOJ’s job for them:
lawyers. "As you are no doubt aware, NARA had ongoing communications with the former President’s representatives throughout 2021 about what appeared to be missing Presidential records, which resulted in the transfer of 15 boxes of records to NARA in January 2022," the letter read. "In its initial review of materials within those boxes, NARA identified items marked as classified national security information, up to the level of Top Secret and including Sensitive Compartmented Information and Special Access Program materials. NARA informed the Department of Justice about that discovery, which prompted the Department to ask the President to request that NARA provide the FBI with access to the boxes at issue so that the FBI and others in the Intelligence Community could examine them."
To clarify: Whether or not he does, it is.
Trump is proving the content/status of the documents for the DOJ. About all that’s left is for him to lock himself up.  I mean, they’re that stupid.
This level of incompetence and idiocy has to be seen to be believed. I almost still don’t.

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