Friday, August 26, 2022

This Is, Kinda Sorta… you start a lawsuit.

But Trump still can’t get an ex parte (without the DOJ being able to appear) hearing on a motion to appoint a special master. Before they can even do that, they have to show why this should be a separate suit rather than a motion before the magistrate who issued the warrant.

Hint: because they don’t want it there. They think their chances are better in another court. But that court may literally not have jurisdiction ( my thinking is, it doesn’t). And if the need for a special master isn’t moot by now (99% sure it is), it will be by the time they get in the right court. So the delaying tactic is working against Trump, not for him.

This is simply not the way any of this works. Though it doesn’t bother me that it’s working this way for Trump.

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