Wednesday, August 31, 2022

I Can’t Believe Antifa Did This To Him. Either.

So they weren’t planted by the FBI? And what if Stanley Kubrick really did fake the moon landing? 🌝 🫠 At this point I wonder why even the most clueless lawyer doesn’t drop Trump as a client. Then I consider their work product. You’ll have to take my word for it, but that reads like the author got her/his law license by sending in bubblegum wrappers. It still feels like Trump has a lot of input on these things. If I ever had a client insist on that, I’d tell them to get a new lawyer. My name goes in those pleadings, not the client’s. "Everybody does it, Your Honor! Why you pickin’ on me? Obama, Obama, Obama!  It’s not fair!!!!!” I just don’t think this ends well. Translation: this is just a “Hail Mary” until they can get far enough along to figure out a 4th Amendment claim. Same. Honestly, 5-year olds could do better than this.

(Just to be absolutely clear: the FBI staged this photograph to show what they found, where they found it, and what it was stored with/in. This is not a still from a wildlife documentary.)

And tell me you don’t practice criminal law without telling me you don’t practice criminal law:
And they think this is a defense:

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