Tuesday, August 30, 2022

Okay, So Here’s The Thing 🐈‍⬛

Nobody cares what Lindsay Graham says. Nobody cares what the WSJ editorial board says. And that coulda come straight outta CPAC. When was the last time CPAC influenced the electorate? When was the first time? Or the WSJ editorial page? Or Lindsay Graham? And are we “losing America”? Or are we just losing Truth Social? Funny thing: if it weren’t for people retweeting Trump’s posts from a failing website, he’d be pretty effectively silenced. I mean, it is fun to see what a cracked pot he is: But the world is not a richer place for knowing what Trump posted last.  Might as well re-tweet 4Chan and Q messages, right?  If Greg Sargent weren’t up in arms over the WSJ editorial, I’d never have heard thei ludicrous argument (I use the term loosely). And Lindsay? Same prating ass he’s always been.

Just this morning I read that Steve Bannon thinks (or says he thinks; plausible deniability, I guess) that Trump can be instated as President because, well....

Bannon said that Trump will take power because 2020 electors cannot be certified for Biden -- even though the electors were legally certified before the president's inauguration.

"You're going to not be able to certify the Biden electors and by not certifying the Biden electors, the Electoral Count Act of 1887 and our beloved Constitution have a way that what's supposed to happen," he opined. "That is a contingent election where you vote by state party delegation. And guess what? Even with Liz Cheney of Wyoming voting for the Democrats, I think we still win 26-24."

"So let's do it," the podcaster added. "Let's start the contingent election this week. Let's do it. That's what we should do. And, MSNBC, suck on that."
Because MSNBC determines election outcomes?  Sets the dates?  Pronounces what presidential election law is?

No one takes this seriously, and there's no reason they should.  Steve Bannon is a braying ass. Nobody cares waht Steve Bannon says, except for the (slight) entertainment value.

I’m of the opinion Trump “commands millions” because the talking (now tweeting) heads say so. It’s like polls announcing “approval ratings.” What’s the basis for that?  Trump's approval ratings for 4 years were consistently well below his disapproval ratings, and yet he got 7 million votes in the only poll that counts.  That would have won him re-election if Biden didn't get more votes.  And now Biden's numbers are really no better (or worse) than any recent sitting President's numbers (much better compared to Trumps, btw) at this time in their terms.  But what does that mean?  Mostly that candidates may not be ashamed to be seen with Biden on the campaign trail.

Of course it also means the talking heads have something to prattle about on TeeVee. Steve Kornacki and Amy Cooke can pontificate on what the future holds; well, what it holds this week.  Next week brings another future, and then the future we actually get forgets whatever Cooke and Kornack said just a few weeks ago, and the whole thing spins on.  Trump "commands" 35% of the GOP base?  Sez who?  Oh, that's right!  Polls!

Which drive pundits to be afraid, be very afraid!  And compete to be the Cassandra who scares us the most with that is coming but never comes.

90% of the internet is used as an outrage generator. The other 10% is cats and recipes. 🐈 

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